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Welcome to Cardiff Computer Support

We hope that you find this site useful, it's intention is to be full of useful and up-to-date information about computers and the industry. Some of the information will be small snipets whilst other information will have a more indepth content with opinions on current issues.

Feel free to comment and feedback so that we can gauge what information is needed and most valuable and areas where we can improve our information.

Test Drive Vista

Are you thinking of upgrading but not really sure whether its worth it? Why not "test Drive" Vista. Microsoft have allowed you to test drive their new operating system. All you have to do is follow the link!

Have fun and safe driving !! :)

On April 8,2008 Microsoft Corp has announced it will end sales of XP Operating System (OS) on June 30,2008. the XP system began it's existence in October of 2001. Essentially this is a five month extension from the previous date of eXPiration.

Petrol Prices

With petrol prices on the rise we have found this website which compares the pump price at almost 10 thousand petrol stations and 80% are updated on a daily basis. We've made it convenient for you providing a direct link to a search in the Cardiff area, but you can also search by post code narrowing down the search even more.

Click here to compare pump prices in Cardiff now

Coming Soon

Welsh site is soon to be published!!!!!